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Acid Stain  Applying Acid Stain On Your Concrete Floor 

Before applying the acid stain on your concrete floor...
Anna Poelo 
Before applying the acid stain on your concrete floor, it should first be thoroughly cleaned - devoid of stains, dirt, dust, waxes, etc. In preparing your concrete floor for the application, you will need tools like face masks, rags, stain resistant brushes, and rubber gloves. You can also opt for a mop instead of rags to steer clear of the muriatic acid you will be washing away.

Many find that using muriatic acid helps a lot in cleaning the concrete. Be sure to wear a mask and rubber gloves when using muriatic acid. The acid will bubble and turn yellow, and we wait until the bubbling stops before we wash the area with water. You may need to use the muriatic acid several times if the floor does not look clean to you. The cleaner and clearer the floor is, the better the results of the application of acid stain.

In buying acid stain, take care to read the instructions and specific details given by the manufacturers. The manufacturers will provide a color chart but this will only serve as a guide. The acid stain reacts differently to different types of concrete. You might want to sample a small area first before applying it to the whole place.

Applying the Acid Stain

In applying the acid stain to your concrete floor we learn to be a little creative. If we want to do a good job in the application, it is a necessity to learn how to do it. Incorrect application will usually result to a disastrous job. We also need to learn just the exact amount of stain to put on the floor. Too little won't allow it to etch the surface sufficiently and put in the color. Too much can make unwanted puddling and over react the areas where it pooled.

The scrubbing method is a safe way to apply the acid stain. But even this method needs to be done carefully. If we do not scrub in a natural flow and pattern, the scrub lines and swirls can become obvious. After the scrubbing, we remove any residue from the concrete acid etching and we neutralize the surface. This is important so that applying the acid stained concrete finish goes smoothly and successfully.

Finishing Up

The stained concrete is still subject to staining and damage after the application. We should take care to avoid leaving boot prints, any residue marks, and other unnatural blemishes. W should carefully and thoroughly wet and neutralize the concrete to rid it of these.

Wait for the whole area to dry. Once it is, we apply a sealant of coating. This process should also be done with care as incorrect application of the sealant will leave lines, lint, debris, or flakes. It is recommended that we seek help on the right sealer to use and how to apply it (spraying, rolling, buffing).

If you are new tot he process of applying acid stain on your concrete floor, it is better to let a professional do it for you. Perfect acid stain application can be accomplished through experience and many tries. Professionals also have a knack in choosing the right colors and sealants. You can always count on them to apply acid stain on your floor perfectly.



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