Designer Concretet Flooring

Exterior Stained Concrete Floor Options
Smooth And Rough Textures

Stained Concrete Floor

Splatter Texture Overlay

A non-slip texture applied to existing concrete. Can be patterned to look like bricks, paving, tiles or a pattern less finish.

Stamped Overlay

Designed to look like natural stone or brick, but can also be carved into patterns.

Stamped Concrete Floor
Stained Concrete Floor

Knocked-Down Overlay

This is a smoother version of the Splatter Texture Overlay making it softer to the touch.

Slate Trowel Overlay

The texture can be varied from rough to smooth, depending on the surface requirement.

Stained Concrete Floor
Stained Concrete Floor

Concrete Staining

Using antiquing stains, old unsightly concrete can be converted to give it an aged look.

Concrete Sealing

Your old concrete floor can be cleaned up and sealed without adding a stain.

Sealed Concrete Floor