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Decorative Staining  Decorative Staining for Polished Concrete Floors

Decorative staining for polished concrete floors allow for a wide range of designer looks...
Renee K Mirabito 
Decorative staining for polished concrete floors allow for a wide range of designer looks to be achieved in both exterior and interior spaces. The floors have the look of natural stone, and an attractive high gloss finish. choosing from a wide range of colour options, design possibilities are opened up.

How Decorative Concrete Staining Works

Decorative stains are applied after the concrete has cured. you can also apply stain to older concrete, though repairs and cleaning may need to be completed first. The stain mix is determined on the colour choice and intensity decided on by the client or project manager. After the chemical reaction that causes the colouring has had time to complete, the floor is washed and left to dry. A protective resin is then applied over the top, which gives the glossy look of polished concrete floors.

Many designers and architects are flocking to products like Artecrete. This is a decorative concrete staining system that offers a wide range of looks and colours to clients. Artecrete is intended for interior spaces.

The Finished Look

The finished look of decorative is very stylish indeed, whether indoors or out. While it's glossy, it's also non-slip which is ideal for shops and around the home. Depending on your preferences, it can be textured or flat, have different colorings, and even patterns. Decorative stained concrete is the kind of feature that will really make your home, shop, or office stand out form the rest. You'll be sure to get many compliments, as well as question, about your stunning new space.

Maintaining Concrete Floors

If you are looking for a low maintenance alternative to other floor coverings, you can't look past concrete floors. Homes and workplaces are easy to clean, there is no longer a need to use harsh chemicals and cleaners. Spaces are warm and livable, despite that many people assume the contrary. You can clean a concrete floor with warm water and a mild soap.

Don't Forget Exterior Concrete

For a stylish look that wont break the budget, consider a stained polished concrete flooring for outside your home. Garages and workshops, drives and pathways, and entertaining area can all look fantastic with decorative concrete staining applied. The high gloss finish makes its design more appealing than alternative flooring, while with a non slip surface it works well around wet areas too. Just like with interior polished concrete floors, there are a wide range of colour options available.



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