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Stain Concrete  Should I Paint Or Stain Concrete Floors?

My choice will almost always be to stain them.
Joel Jamison - 
Everybody knows that concrete floors are a versatile surface that is cheap and easy to maintain. Everyone also knows that those same floors are incredibly boring and do little to add value to a home. However, there are a few ways to bring new life to these floors, without having to invest in expensive flooring or long do it yourself projects.

The first option is to just paint the concrete floor. While regular paints will not hold well on concrete, there are some specially formulated concrete floor paint. These are usually part epoxy, and hold up fairly well to traffic and weather.

Another great option are stained concrete floors. When you go with this process you are actually using a low grade concrete to change the physical composition of the floor. This change is permanent and results in some really beautiful and unique colors.

While both are good solutions there are some draw backs to each. Painting concrete floors is not a permanent solution, and it will wear down and chip over time. The opposite is true with stained concrete floors, once you apply the stain whatever result you get is permanent. Since it is a chemical reaction you can never be sure exactly what you are going to get.

So, should you paint or stain your concrete floors. My choice will almost always be to stain them. Using When you use this technique you can get some really fascinating results. People may even confuse your concrete floor with marble or some other expensive stone.

Once completed these floors are also virtually maintenance free. When you apply a sealer and wax on the floors all you will ever have to do is sweep them up. You will not have to worry about your floors color fading or chipping away, and this will add significant value to your home.



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