Designer Concretet Flooring

Interior Stained Concrete Options
Plain And Decorative

Stained Concrete Floor
Micro-Crete Stained Concrete Seamless Floors

A very thin layer of modified concrete is applied to your existing floor.
Created effects are anything from a plain stained concrete look to coloured tiles, coloured patterns, antique staining, stained concrete etc.

Stained Concrete Floors

Transform your regular concrete floors into an 'old world' look, with the option of inserting patterns.

Stained Concrete Floor
Stained Concrete Floor
Knock-Down Overlay Stained Concrete

A non-slip texture, decorative stain applied to existing concrete in any colour or design.
These can range from a seamless floor to brick, tile, paving etc.
Suitable for indoor pool decks, slippery inclines, change rooms etc.

Slate Trowel Overlay Stained Concrete

A troweled finish that can vary in texture, from very smooth to rougher to suit your needs.

Stained Concrete Floor
Stained Concrete Floor
Stamped Overlay stained Concrete

Produces a finish to mimic natural stone, slate etc. Can be finished with or without grout lines.

Plain Sealed Concrete

We can clean up your concrete floor and seal it to a high gloss bringing out it's inherent beauty.

Stained concrete Floor
Stained Concrete
Concrete Restoration

Why go to the trouble and expense of removing unsightly damaged concrete?
We can patch, fill and recoat these concrete floors to achieve any look you want.
These patches can be disguised using stained concrete.