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Stained Concrete   Stained Concrete Is the Perfect Solution for Durable Basement Flooring

Stained concrete is the perfect solution to replace basement flooring...
Tim Seay 
Stained concrete is the perfect solution to replace basement flooring that has been damaged by flooding.

All basements will have flood damage at some point in their life. It is inevitable. Excessive rain, clogged foundation drains, and plumbing malfunctions are all common problems that all homeowners will eventually encounter. The basement is the lowest point in the house, and any water that inadvertently ends up in the house will find its way to the basement floor.

If the basement floor is covered in carpet or wood, it will be ruined. If its covered in tile or vinyl, the submersion in water will most likely trigger a delamination process that will end up with your flooring eventually coming unglued from the concrete in your basement. Even if the concrete under the carpet or tile is covered in glue, mastic, or grout, it can be prepared to be stained. Mechanical grinders with diamond cutting heads can remove any contaminants on top of the concrete so that the concrete will be in a like-new condition. If the concrete is damaged with holes from nails that held down the carpet, it can be coated with a polymer modified concrete that becomes a brand new palette ready to be stained.

Stained concrete is the perfect solution for durable basement flooring. Concrete floors can be stained with acid-based stains or newer environmentally friendly water-based stains. After the floor is stained it will be coated with a sealer that will protect the floor from water and mold. Additionally, the floor will be free from allergens that are commonly associated with carpet floors.

Lines can be cut in a stained concrete floor that will replicate tile. Patterns can be applied by staining over a vinyl stencil that is stuck to the floor. The addition of multiple colors of stain will create a floor that is as durable as concrete, but as beautiful as marble or granite tile.



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