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Stained Concrete Floors  Stained Concrete Floors Add a Unique Touch to Your Home

Stained concrete floors are now often preferred choice for some of Central Texas' finest homes.

Brian Talley 
There was a time when a home with concrete floors made people think the owners either ran out of money to finish a project or the homeowners just couldn't make up their mind on what kind of carpet they wanted to install, but now things have changed.

Stained concrete floors are now often preferred choice for some of Central Texas' finest homes. The trend of having stained concrete in homes started with its appearance in cool retail locations first, especially restaurants and bars. At some point, homeowners realized that this same eye catching floor could be a hit in their own homes as well and this flooring option took off. Today there are many companies in the Austin area who have the expertise to turn your ordinary concrete foundation into something really special.

Let's start by looking at the advantages that stained concrete floors bring to your home.

1-Easy to maintain - Nothing is easier. Just a quick sweep and a damp mop is all it takes with a good waxing once a year to maintain the shine.

2-Health benefits - One of the best things about stained concrete flooring is it does not hold dust and allergens. It is the best choice for people with allergies.

3-Green friendly - Since the floor is basically using the foundation that is already there, there is no wood to cut or carpet to produce.

4-Energy efficient - Concrete floors can actually reduce utility bills since they stay cool in the summer and a few throw rugs can bring out their warmth in the winter.

How does the process work?

There are two ways that people install concrete flooring. The first would be in a new house and it's important to let the builder know your plans since there are a few slight adjustments they can make when pouring the foundation that will help when it comes time to do the floors. The second method is a remodel where you are pulling up old flooring, whether that is carpet or wood. Concrete floors are not painted with a stain the way furniture might be, instead the concrete is treated with a mixture of acids and salts that actually create a chemical reaction that changes the color of the floor.

How will I know what color my floors will be?

Testing is the best way to know what color the floor will be, since you are dealing with a chemical reaction. There is no way to know beforehand how your existing concrete floor will react to the acid mixture about to be applied, so the best way is to test an area that is not easily seen (like a closet or perhaps the spot where the washer or dryer might sit). This way you can make sure that the color you are getting works with what you are trying to do, and if it's not, there are different acid mixtures that will give you different results, allowing you to get very close to the color you like.

What colors are available?

You may not get an exact color but there are 8 colors that your floor will come close to matching. Those colors are tan, brown, black, blue, red, gold, green and finally what many call umber or earth tone.

If you are looking to add a unique touch to your home, concrete floors might be a good way to go. Not only does it provide an upscale look, but it makes clean-ups easy and can even reduce allergies. What once was looked at as unfinished flooring is now one of the most popular options today. Your home will have a unique floor with a color and pattern all its own, just one more way to make your house reflect your own individual style.



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